Single Channel Digital Electrocardiograph
Single Channel Automatic Electrocardiograph
Three Channel Digital Electrocardiograph
Six Channel Interpretive Electrocardiograph
Standard Accessory

1. Automatic Recording
Two-step operation starts an automatic recording at
the light of the preset program, Manual intervention
is available.

2. AC/DC Power Supply
The built-in rechargeable battery permits instant
operation whenever desired. The instrument's DC
power will be automatically turned off if the STOP
mode for more than 2 minutes.

3. Excellent Recording System
Adopt linear compensation & position feedback
recording system to achieve steady & clear record-
ing waveform.

4. Touch Key Operation
Soft touch membrane pad with audible confirming
tone, water and dust proof for safe and easy clean-

5. Greatest Patient Safety
Isolated patient input circuit meet IEC Type CF safety
regulation requirements.

6. Pace-maker protective circuit.

7. Powerful anti-interference with AC and HUM filter.

8. Flexible Programming (ECG-11C)
Programmable items include lead-selection mode
(standard 12 leads or simply 9 leads) and chart time
(from 2sec to 7sec in step 1sec).

9. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) (ECG-11C, ECG-
11D) A20 character, 2line LCD provides easy read-
able information(lead setting, paper speed, sensiti-
vity, condition of the filter usage, manual or automatic
operation, etc.