Portable Type B Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanner


1. Medical ultrasound scanner linear type.

2. Bultrasonograph scopes easy to carry

3.Can display images of body's soft organization's
cutting parts

4. Displaying Mode YD-600A

5. Real time and frozen images B mode

6.Single-Width images B is scdrollable

7. Main technical functions and index

8. Detecting depth:>=160mm

9. Display scope:>=85*200mm

10. Longitudinal resolving power:<=1mm

11.Transverse resolving power:<=2mm

12. The accuracy of the geometeric position:<=5%

13.Scanning lines:>=512 lines/frame

14. Digital scanning conversion: 256*256*4

15. Gray Scale: 65 levels

16. Main frame, a 3.5Mhz linear scanning probe.

17. We can supply these sizes: YD-500B, YD-500c
, YD-600 YD-600c, YD-800, YD-800A