Infant Intensive Care System


1. Servo control: Skin temp of Baby, Air temp of bed.

2. Automatic control or manual control selectable.

3. Sensor used to measure the bed or skin temperature.

4. RS232 CONNECTOR for contact with Monitor

5. Light Touch control panel waterproof

6. Set temperature separate display

7. Apgar timer including in controller

8. Heating consumption 0-100%

9. Four alarm identification

10. Radiate Box adjustable in tow direction from 0~

11. Bassinet gradient adjustable in +/-15 degree

12. X-ray tray under bassinet, convenient for taking
x-ray photo

13. Far-infrared quartz tube as heater

14. Bed rail easy to move, convenient for rescue

15. Size: HKN-93A, HKN-93B, HKN-2001