Trolley Multi-Function Ultrasound Scanner


1. Adopts 128 transmit-receive circuits. The
frequency takes the breath.

2. Good capability of focusing.

3. Measure and analyse: can use electronic tule
optionally to disply distance, perimeter, area,
ellipse, volume, fetal weight, pregnancy week,
heart rate, velocity, value of heat function(Al the
measurments can be done by the track ball,
convenient and shortcut).

4. Equipped with GS, CRL, BPD and up to 9
gynenologic diagram.

5. Display of characters: automatically display
date, time, hospital, patient name, serial number
,total gain, gray strengthen, TCG curve, magni-
fication, value of measurement, 25 body mark,
ark of probe(turning), image annotation and so

6. Range of using: for checking abdomen, gyna-

7. Displaying Mode YD-840

8. We can also supply these types: YD-800B+,
YD-810, YD-820, YD-830