Portable Patient Monitor


Displaying Mode LK-4005

This series of multi-parameters patient monitor can
be used simultaneously to monitor ECG, RESP,
TEMP, NIBP, SpO2, pule and other physiological
parameters. Can be widely used in emergency room,
operating room, ICU sickroom, CCU sickroom, CCU
sickroom and so on.

1. Color liquid crystal display with high resolution.

2. Display of ECG waveform, respiration waveform,
SpO2 waveform.

3. Provides the freezing function of image.

4. Can store and replay 16 groups VPS data.

5. Can store 400 groups' data of heart rate,
temperature, respiration rate, SpO2/pulse of patient
when NIBP is measured.

6. Flexible alarm settings, which can be conveniently
set for high and low limit values.

7. Designed with a function suitable for working in an
environment with high frequency disturvance.
Function of working with defivrillator and pacemaker.

8. If equipped with the LK-4000 multi-parameters
central monitor system, it can monitor 16 patients
simultaneously highly efficient.