Monopole Electropad


Performance structure and composition£»
This product is made from gelatinous macromolecule
polymer with both solid and liquid state structure
1. Allowed electric current:Alternating Current or Pulse
    current 0.5Hz~1MHz
2. Viscosity:0.85-2.5N
3. Continuous use time:repetitious more than 200 times;
one-off more than 5 times
4. PH value:5.5~7.0
5. AC Resistance: 10Hz<5Kv6¦¸/cm2
6. Exterior Ieftover: minim
7. Products Distortion rate: <=10%

Applicable scope:
1. Paste piece for physical therapy: used for all kinds of
    middle and high frequency physical therapy equipment
    for both hospital and family
2. High frequency cathode board: used for all kinds of
    single/double high frequency electric knife, electrical
    congealing and cathode of radio-frequency therapentic
3. Adhesive dressing and specific paste piece: paste
    and spread in effected part