30L Vertical ULT Freezer

The Ultra low temperature freezer can be used for the storage of virus, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bone, bacteria, semen, biological products, ocean products, electronic devices and low temperature test etc.
Applicable to scientific research institutions, special materials of ultra low temperature experiment, electronic industry, chemical industry, military field, the University experiment, biological engineering, ocean fishery.

★Temperature control function

1. Microcomputer digital control, digital display temperature, adjusting unit is 0.1degree C;
2. Adjustable temperature of inner box: -15~-40℃, -25~-60℃, -40℃~ -86℃; 
3. Temperature difference of start-up and shut-down is available.
4. High and low temperature alarm function, the alarm temperature value can be set as required.

★Safety system

1. Possess alarm system, a buzzer sound and light flash alarm function;
2. High and low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm function are available;
3. Thermostat using password protection function, to prevent the random adjustment of operation parameters;

★Refrigeration system

1.Ultra-thick foam layer, dual sealing design of door;
2.Optimized auto-cascade refrigerating system, imported famous brand compressor;
3.Tube plate type copper tube evaporator design;
4.Unique fluoride-free mixed refrigerant fluid, 100% CFC-FREE.
5.Germany EBM low noise fan

★Humanization design

1.Food grade stainless steel inner box,with stronger corrosion resistance.
2.Adjustable stainless steel shelf, easy cleaning;
3.Heavy duty casters design, easy to move;
4.Safe door lock design preventing the door opened by chance;
5.LED temperature display, easy to observe
6.Suitable for 10 degree C to 30 degree C using;
7.With wide voltage design, suitable for 187V ~242VAC voltage use;
8.Optional install digital temperature recorder, convenient recording and storage of performance data in special circumstances

  ULT Freezer(304 stainless steel inner box,Vertical side sliding door)
Model External 
Power Inner 
Net weight
W*D*H(mm) W*D*H(mm) (V/Hz) (W) (℃) (kg)
DW-40L30 470*490*1120 270*265*400 220/50 350 -15~-40 1/1 60
DW-60L30 470*490*1120 270*265*400 220/50 350 -25~-60 1/1 60
DW-86L30 470*490*1120 270*265*400 220/50 350  -40~-86 1/1 60